My name is Kevin Creason and I roast coffee because I love great coffee, and it doesn’t get any better than fresh roasted Sweet Maria’s coffee.
I’m in IT to buy Sweet Marias coffee to roast. 😉
I like networking and Unix, but support Macs and Windows too.
I support the Church IT Roundtable (#citrt) too as they support churches and missions all over the world.

I like fiction – writing, reading, eating, etc.

  1. Craig says:

    Greetings. I saw someone at Clear Creek Church reply to one of your tweets and found your blog. Coffee and computers….. Not a bad combination. I then found your blog about traveling to Austin Texas. Coffee, computers and travel…. that’s an even better combination. I will be heading out to the Hill Country State Natural Area near Banderra Texas in two weeks. They are having a 100k fun run and I’m thinking of being a volunteer…. any excuse to visit the Texas Hill Country. After that its onward to Big Bend National Park for several days. I believe you mentioned that you used to live in Alaska? If so, what part of the state were you located and what year was it?

    Craig Davidson
    Clear Lake City, Texas

    • kevincreason says:

      Hi Craig, glad you enjoyed the blogs. I agree the hill country and Big Bend are fantastic places to visit. When out towards Big Bend area look for coffee from the roaster in Marfa, and we enjoyed coffee made by Tumbleweed Laundry in Marfa. Otherwise pack an Aeropress or your favorite portable brewer! But a lot can change in the four years since my visit down there.

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