RK Grill roast #232 – Burundi Karinzi Maruri Hill

Posted: July 1, 2012 in coffee roasting

This is my first attempt to roast a bean from Burundi, and the latest in several recent exploratory coffees from Africa. This is my two hundred and thirty-second roast in my RK drum and Fiesta grill.

My grill is setup with two burners, marked “Left B” and “Right B” in the graph. I keep the drum over the right burner for controllable direct heat and the use the left burner to boost the chamber temp. The burner measurement is a percentage value using 1,000 as full heat. The roasting chamber temps are Fahrenheit.

The goal is use the left burner to slowly raise the temp for the drying phase and then raise the right burner (the direct heat) for actual roasting. Once the beans are into first snap I like to bring all burners to the lowest setting to draw it out a bit and prevent it from rushing into second snap.

I took 1,080 samples with my cheap temp-probe, or a roast of 18 minutes.

The black markers at the bottom are markers for the following notes:

  • sample 852, 14:20, first snap is heard
  • sample 876, 14:45, snaps are in groups
  • immediately into slow roll
  • sample 895, 14:55, rolling strong/fast
  • sample 928, 15:30, smokey, still rolling
  • sample 967, 16:07, mostly done with first snap
  • sample 1000, 16:30, open lid for 05
  • sample 1067, 17:40, a second snap or two is heard
  • sample 1072, flame out
  • sample 1080, into the roast cooler

I can’t wait to see how it tastes!

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