Roasting El Salvador Finca Siberia

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today I roasted a large batch (4 pounds) of El Salvador Finca Siberia.

It was a scorcher today– still 94F after 6pm– so roasting in the porte cushier is not for the faint of heart. It’s actually only for the truly disturbed coffee drinker who can’t stand the commercial coffee found in this part of Texas. Sometimes I think I live in the old west except for the shiny cars and things like running water. But if the measure of civilization is good coffee which it should then this area is the dark ages.

The heat actually makes it harder to roast, not easier. The heat and humidity make the response of the flames harder to control. I think the propane also flows oddly when it is so hot. The cold is no picnic– under 50F and it’s a different set of problems but the control is still better for me, it just takes more gas.

You will notice in my graph that I started both burners at 3/8. I did so because I was running a larger batch than usual and because I suspected the heat would be an issue. At about six and half minutes I raised the left and then right to half, and much to quickly I had to raise them 3/4 because it was not increasing but decreasing temperatures.roast graph El Salvador Finca Siberia

Roast graph

With both burners at 3/4 it ramped up a little too fast.

At this point it continued to roast well but a little slow which is to be expected for the oversize batch. I normally roast 3 to 3.5 pounds max, but pushed it too far.

Minor problems. The roast came out a little lighter than I hoped– my ears misheard the snaps and I thought that second snap was going strong when it was just the finish of first snap and few seconds coming out early. It looks good for a City plus roast when I was hoping for a more Full City roast, about 30 seconds difference. Yield was 3 pounds, seven ounces.


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